Global Services

Global Services Report for Virtual Convention


Global Communities


  • Outside the United States and Canada, 44 formal communities (centers, teaching chapters, focus ministries and study groups)


  • In 18 different countries on every continent (except Antarctica).


  • 9 incubator start ups in other countries.


  • In 2016, new formal works in the UK, Argentina, Mexico, Australia and Norway.  And a new incubator, CSL’s first, in Cuba.



Heart of Peace Project



  • Over 70 individuals and communities involved, and Facebook site shared by over 50 individuals.


Translated Science of Mind Books



  • 4 new Spanish Ernest Holmes books: Can We Talk to God? …How to Use the Science of Mind….This Thing Called You…The Essential Ernest Holmes.


  • Updated Spanish translation of the Science of Mind textbook soon in2017.


  • First Ernest Holmes book in Hindi, to be released in early 2017: Creative Mind.




Early 2017, Spanish translations of the main webpage and select articles from the Science of Mind magazine available.


  • CSL’s special website designed to support global growth. designed to be read in many languages via automated translator.




Spiritual Living Circles Globally


  • English version of the Spiritual Living Circles program currently received in 24 global countries.


  • Spanish Spiritual Living Circles program to be piloted in 2017.


Global Education and Training


  • Science of Mind classes (Foundations through Practitioner) available in Spanish, Russian and Dutch.
  • CSL’s online educational program classes in English and Spanish.


  • Many classes (both certificated and informal) in many other languages (Mandarin, German, etc.).
  • CSL’s Educational Catalog in English and Spanish.



Global Conferences


  • In 2016 Science of Mind conferences hosted in Chapala, Mexico; Southampton, England; Izhevsk, Russia; and Svetlanov, Ukraine.





CSL mini-grants made to support the spread of SOM  in the Ukraine, Mexico, Ireland, Kenya and         Puerto Rico in 2016.


How Can You Support Global Growth




  • The Global Services Committee seeks volunteers to support strategic actions.  Rev Chris Plym at



CSL’s Global Services Coordination and Contacts


Home office: Rev Mark Gilbert, Global Services Coordinator,


Global Services Committee:

Rev. Chris Plym (chair)

Rev. Mary Laquet

Rev. Pattie Mercado

Rev. Beth Linguiri

Guenter Maier, RScP

Rev. Gerd Pontow

Rev. Alex Escudero

Rev. Savanna Riker

Bev Schler Jacobsen, RScP


  • Spanish Language Task:

Rev Ogla Silva (Chair)

Dr Rebeka Peña

Rev Alex Escudero

Peggy Shinn RScP

Inés Grau RScP

Michel Figuero RScP

Aránzazu Goicochea


  • Russian language support: Anastasia Galiako and Rev Barbara Leger.